Fellowship Christian Church

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Dusty Burkhart Moving our comfort zone for the Lord 02-19-17By Dusty Burkhart2017-04-17
The Lord is My Shepherd 1-22-17.mp3By: Greg Wolfenbarger2017-04-17
Greg Wolfenbarger Prison Shaking Savior 3-1-17.mp3By: Greg Wolfenbarger2017-04-17
James Russell Sunday Morning Move For God 2-19-17.mp3Move For Christ2017-04-17
Sunday-Night-Oct-2-2016.mp3Delivered By: Glen Beeler2016-10-03
Oct-2-2016.mp3Delivered By: Johnny Smith2016-10-03
Sep-28-2016.mp3Delivered By: Johnny Smith2016-10-03
Sep-11-2016.mp3Delivered By: Sam Thomas2016-10-03
Sep-14-2016.mp3Delivered By: Johnny Smith2016-10-03
Ye-Must-Be-Born-Again.mp3Ye Must Be Born Again Delivered By: Archie Wilson2016-09-12
Living-Among-The-Tombs.mp3Living Among The Tombs - Delivered by Johnny Smith2016-09-06
Step-up-serve-the-lord.mp3Step up and serve the lord - By James Russell2016-09-06
Center-Your-Mind.mp3Center Your Mind to the Lord2016-09-05
Voice-of-the-Lord.mp3The Voice of the Lord- By James Russell2016-06-12
How-Big-Is-God.mp3How Big is God - Delivered By: Glen Beeler2015-09-23
Acts-Chapter-3-Johnny-Smith.mp3Acts Chapter 3 Delivered by Johnny Smith2015-09-14
Haven_Of_Rest.mp3Haven Of Rest Delivered By: Archie Wilson2015-08-26