Fellowship Christian Church

Parking Lot Service May 5 2020
Parking Lot Service May 5 2020
Parking Lot Service 4-26-20
Fellowship Christian Church parking Lot Service Sunday Morning April 26, 2020
Pastor John Smith
Brenda Beeler
Ray Bull
Justin Smith
Sam Thomas
Easter Noon Service
Easter Service noon in the parking lot.
1 John Chapter 1 & 2
Bible Reading 1 John Chapter 1 and 2
Sunrise Service
Sunrise Service from the parking lot at Fellowship Christian Church 4-12-2020
Drive-in Service
Our Drive in service on March 29, 2020
Sermon 3-25-20
Park and listen to church service while staying in your car. Tune to FM 88.1 while in church parking lot.
Jesus is only one call away
Jesus is only one call away.

This video was made at our 2016 Fall Festival at Fellowship Christian Church by Paula Jones.
2014 Drive Through
2014 life of Christ Drive through exhibit.
Tim Greene Testimony
This is a wonderful testimony of Tim Green. It is certainly worth watching.
Testimony of Cleve Russell
Cleve Russell a brother of Ivan Russell had been diagnosed with a terminal illness, this is his testimony of accepting Christ. This video was made about six weeks before he passed away.
God On The Mountain
The original Fellowship Christian Singers

This video was made in the old Church, 1988
Consulation On Your knees
Marcia Hughes
Light House
The Original Fellowship Christian Singers: Brenda Beeler the lead singer, Jean Taylor singing tenor , Wayne Beeler playing the guitar, Herald Kitts playing the steel guitar, Bob Taylor playing the Base guitar, Fay Beeler playing the piano.

This video was taken in 1988 at our old Church using a camcorder.
Marcia Hughes
What a blessing it is to hear such beautiful singing.
Mavis Hughes and Friends
I Want to thank Mavis and Paul for singing at our Fall Festival and I want to thank God for the wonderful talent he has given them. They are a blessing to our Community.